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Vacation Watches  We will keep an eye on it while your gone!
The VACATION WATCH program: Uses trained posse officers in fully marked patrol units to patrol absentee resident’s homes at their request. The trained officers patrol the home exterior and grounds looking for any signs of possible problems and checking that all exterior doors are locked. Below is a small checklist of things to do before you leave on your vacation.
At least one week prior to your departure fill out our Vacation Watch Request form below. Arrange for neighbors to remove mail, newspapers and notices from your residence daily.  For an extended vacations notify the Post Office and newspaper company to hold or forward your mail. Turn off switches to all kitchen range burners, the oven, washer and dryer and the hot water heater. Disconnect small appliances. DO NOT cut off electrical power to the meter. This shuts off your house number and is a sure sign the house is unoccupied. For extended leaves, unplug the garage door motor; but DO NOT disengage the emergency pull chain. If you can, shut water off to the house ONLY; leave outside water on Lock all doors and windows. Let window shades hang naturally and use automatic night lights in appropriate rooms Leave a house key along with an address and phone number where you can be reached with your neighbor. Also furnish them with the names and phone numbers of the companies that service your air conditioner, security alarm, furnace, plumbing and electrical equipment in case of an emergency. The Posse will make a regular inspection of the outside of your home and property. TOP TIP TOP TIP Should your travel plans change and you return to your home earlier than anticipated, be sure to contact us so we do not surprise you on our next visit.  Just fill out the form below to request that your home be on vacation watch.