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Laser Shot Tactical Weapon Simulators
The Desert Foothills Sheriff’s Posse is the only posse with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office that owns the State of the Art Laser Shot system currently used by the FBI, FLETC, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and many other uniformed services worldwide.
Branching Video  Branching video is one of the latest methods for providing advanced training in the most realistic settings. Laser Shot’s Branching Video Player allows for real-time video scenarios to be used and provides for several possible outcomes branching off from the original scene based on the trainee’s actions. The trainer has the ability to control the branching options and re-play the scenes to display and discuss the trainee’s performance Skill Drills  •	Training drills focus on the improvement of a student’s speed, accuracy, and decision making skills •	Each drill allows an instructor to tailor every training session to individual skill levels from beginner to expert using adjustable settings such as number of targets, target face time, and target speed •	Developed with direct input from active Military and Law Enforcement instructors
If your Law Enforcement organization would be interested in having the Desert Foothills Posse come to. your location and run a Laser Shot session for your group please contact us at CommanderDFSP@gmail.com or by calling Jim Brown at 602-826-4668 for information and pricing.